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Descent – James Pyles #writephoto

The little girl had picked up the carrion bird’s feather, the only remains of her connection to the griffon vulture who had delivered the dire news of the Great Gray God, and tucked it in her pocket. For a few … Continue reading

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Tales From the Crypt – Fandango #writephoto

The tour guide was explaining how these catacombs were once used as dungeons where the king would house enemies of the state and the skeletal remains on display are the actual bones of some of the prisoners. “Oh, if these … Continue reading

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The Bow of Destiny, on Lisa Burton Radio

Reblogged from Entertaining Stories, where P.H. Solomon is Craig Boyack’s guest: Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. Now broadcasting at one point twenty-one jigawatts across all the known galaxy, alternate realms, and into the future and past. I’m … Continue reading

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The Chamber – Emily Weatherburn #writephoto

An unwelcome breeze whipped past his hair, cold and intrusive, as though invisible hands were brushing through it. He allowed himself a glance back up the tunnel, his eyes searching for the square of light through which he had come, … Continue reading

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History of the Great Library of Alexandria – Emily Watts

Emily Watts is Nicholas C. Rossis‘ guest:  This is a guest post by writer and blogger Emily Watts. Emily is the author of multiple articles concerning mysterious and intriguing historical facts and theories. However, she also writes about problems of education, … Continue reading

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Remains – Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

O hear me, ye faithless for I have a warning to retell. My name is M’neptah and I was formerly the tutor of the son of my sovereign master Thutmose, Lord of all the dominion of Egypt. On the night … Continue reading

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Unusual people…

Delicate blue flowers caught my eye in the flower bed. I wondered where they had come from as they were nothing that we had planted … they had just grown. It only took a moment to realise that they were … Continue reading

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Only to build with… Stuart France

* “It doesn’t work quite so well with stone.” “So it woud seem, but it might have once before we became so ‘stone-blind’.” Continue reading at Stuart France

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Input #midnighthaiku

Inexperience Constantly seeking input Silenced by wisdom

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