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Behind the scenes of an audiobook recording ~ Louise Jensen

Reblogged from Fabricating Fiction: Saturday was a very special day for me. I travelled to London to ID Studio to both observe the recording of the audiobook for The Family and to record my own acknowledgments, reader letter and book … Continue reading

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Writer, is Formatting Your Manuscript a Headache? ~ Rachael Ritchey

Reblogged from Rachael Ritchey: One thing that I’ve learned over time is that there are some specific (though not set in stone) requirements to the formatting of a manuscript. Tweet How it looks and how it works do matter! In … Continue reading

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Creative Flame – How Trying To Write To Market Made Me Lose My Way ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: I think I mentioned, when I came back to blogging, that I’d taken some time off to work on a book called The Last Raven. It’s one of the most complex stories I’ve ever written … Continue reading

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3 years in publishing, 10 lessons I’ve learned ~ Louise Jensen

Reblogged from FabricatingFicton: This week marks three years since my debut, The Sister, was published. There was no gentle easing into the publishing industry because, and I am eternally grateful – my first novel soon rose to No. 1 in … Continue reading

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How To Be An Expert Typo Hunter ~ K. M. Allan

Reblogged from K. M. Allan: You’ve got to be a lot of things when you’re a writer. Not only do you need to craft characters and worlds from nothing, bring together a cohesive story, and take hundreds of random words … Continue reading

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Converting from MS Word to Mobi Using Kindle Create ~ Harmony Kent

Reblogged from Story Empire: Hello SErs! Harmony here. Do you struggle to convert your manuscript into a Kindle file? Are you spending lots of money on conversion? Then read on. As some of you will know already, Kindle have brought … Continue reading

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Living in edit mode

There are piles of books on the table as usual… some of them with my name on the cover, which still feels rather odd.  The running joke in the family is that they look like ‘proper books’. Which, of course, … Continue reading

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A new venture – Don Massenzio

Reblogged from Don Massenzio. Don launches his new site with services for authors: https://dsmpublications.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/cropped-cropped-logo1.jpg ” data-medium-file=”https://dsmpublications.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/cropped-cropped-logo1.jpg?w=300″ data-large-file=”https://dsmpublications.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/cropped-cropped-logo1.jpg?w=321″ width=”321″ height=”321″> I launched my author blog about three years ago and have watched it grow beyond anything I’d hoped. I’ve met many … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning the bookshelf…

Quite where any adventure really begins is a matter for debate. When you are writing a story, it begins with that ‘once upon a time’ moment and the first words on the page. In ‘real life’, you can trace it … Continue reading

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Editing tools to help read your manuscript – Read Aloud

  Many of us aren’t aware of the many options that Word offers to help with our writing. Although I don’t profess to know what all the functionalities are on the Word ribbon, I was happy to learn about the … Continue reading

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