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Tips and Advice: Readers and Authors:Twitter ~ James J. Cudney

Reblogged from James J. Cudney: It’s the first official week of the Tips & Advice feature on the This Is My Truth Now blog. If you’re new to this segment, scroll toward the bottom to learn more about it and … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather – Fandango #writephoto

They say that birds of a feather flock together. So when she saw a large, blue feather float down from above and land on the sidewalk right in front of her, Amanda instinctively looked up to see where it might … Continue reading

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Advanced Twitter Tips for Writers #AmWriting #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Reblogged from D.E. Haggerty: There’s no way around it – if you want to build a writer’s platform and cultivate relationships with your readers, you have to be on Twitter as part of your author toolbox. Although I didn’t really see … Continue reading

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Useful Twitter Hashtags for Bloggers – from Suzie Speaks

Reblogged from Suzie Speaks… the mysteries of the eponymous hashtag revealed: What is a Hashtag? A hashtag, put simply, is a label or category that allows others to find something within a specific theme or content and are primarily used … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks from Tina Frisco

Reblogged from Tina Frisco: I always appreciate authors and bloggers sharing information that makes my blogging life a little easier. Over this past year, I’ve picked up several tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you. WordPress 1. … Continue reading

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The case of YOUR missing Tweets…

I have no idea where they went… nor have I found either culprit or motive… but someone has been kidnapping Tweets. It started about a week ago. I was going about my business, blogging as usual… writing, reading, pressing those … Continue reading

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Guest author: P. H. Solomon – Imagination by firelight

Hello to everyone and thanks to Sue for hosting me today. It’s a pleasure to be here. As an author, I’m also a reader and I’ve enjoyed many books over the years. I have some fond memories of reading at … Continue reading

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Replay – …oh, sweet Blogging, why do I LUV thee… let me count the ways… Guest post from Seumas Gallacher

This year I have been privileged to have a number of writers as my guests and as we approach Christmas, I thought it would be good to share their posts again. In January I had the pleasure of handing over … Continue reading

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There are moments when I despair of the survival of common sense, I really do. Checking Twitter this morning I was obliged to clear a number of posts from my feed… tastelessly explicit sexual references verging on the pornographic and … Continue reading

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