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Full Circle: Spiral dance

We squelched through the mud at the gateway to the field, following the fence down to a tiny stone circle that is unknown to most casual visitors. Just a third of a mile from its big sister, the tiny cairn … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XX: Ghosts in the wildflowers

We headed back the way we had come, to take the narrow turning we had missed…a fortuitous misstep which had allowed us to see Cape Cornwall. We were looking for an old tin-mining site where, once upon a time, something … Continue reading

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The Long Way Home – James #writephoto

© Sue Vincent His great-Uncle Ian told him everyone in Glaston knew about the Shrine but no one would say much about it. Terry Walker had only met Uncle Ian once before and that’s when he was only six. His … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time – Cairnfields

There are some places that seem to have a timeless quality. As if, when you step within their atmosphere, you step beyond the constraints of place and time; you could be anywhere…and anywhen. This little stretch of moor is such … Continue reading

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Rooted in the land – Off piste

From the Haystack we walked along the edge of the moor, following the path to the Pancake Stone where Giant Rombald watches over the dale. The great slab is covered in cup and ring markings and at first glance, seems … Continue reading

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Looking backwards…

We walked between the cairns towards the circle known as Barbrook I, an unromantic name for a site that tugs at my heartstrings in a way no other does. It is neither grand nor imposing and sits at the edge … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole…

We knew that the stone circle of Wet Withens was close by and stopped to see if we could find it, even though the heather is high and that makes finding many of these small Derbyshire circles almost impossible. So … Continue reading

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Backstone Beck

As the sun continued to rise at our backs, the light dancing and changing with every passing minute, the three of us, Steve, Stuart and myself, headed over… and up… towards Backstone Beck. The water tumbles down the moor, over … Continue reading

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