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*** The wind was bitter… the first flakes of snow mingled with the rain as we crossed the ridge. It would be a long, cold night, in spite of the flame that burned on the western horizon as the sun … Continue reading

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Robbie Cheadle reviews Mister Fox: The Legend #Bookreview

Reblogged from Roberta Writes, a lovely review of the first of our ‘Mister Fox’ books: What Goodreads says Where do they come from? They come out of the night… Where do they go to? Back to the night they return… … Continue reading

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Whitby Weekend: Tail of the unexpected…

It was dark, but not late, as we drove at a leisurely pace back into Whitby, expecting the streets to be as quiet as the previous night. As we approached the bridge, though, a drumbeat began… and at, the same … Continue reading

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The Celebration of Mister Fox: more and less… Stuart France

* …More, because our Foxes are one-third Man And also less, because our Foxes are one-third Man. Huh? Man’s individuality makes them more yet, By its very nature, That individuality has to be less than whole. * Continue reading at … Continue reading

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The Celebration of Mister Fox: bestial cluster… Stuart France

* Bear and Wolf, And Dog and Fox are all closely related. It is tempting to imagine a common ancestor; Bigger than Wolf but smaller than Bear. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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The Celebration of Mister Fox…

* I never knew Holmfirth in the days of mill workers and clogs. I really got to know her in the Post Industrial gloom, Of swish Cafe Bars, And cosy restaurants, All day drinking parties frequented by the nouveau riche… … Continue reading

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Hunter #midnighthaiku

For Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge

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Green grow the rushes O’…

* The Grand-Father Clock, tock…tock…tocked reassuringly in the corner of the oak panelled study. Through the window to one side the ancient time piece’s Big Brother could be discerned dominating the metropolitan sky-line… Tee, was wilfully oblivious of the time. … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas ~ Stuart France

* Water in Air Earth in Water Exhibit similar forms. * Count Jack Black Reblogged from Stuart France

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How much further?… Stuart France

* If tomorrow never comes, Then, how much further away from today, Is the day after tomorrow? Count Jack Reblogged from Stuart France

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