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A Style Is About All There Is to Art ~ David Rogers

Reblogged from David J. Rogers: Style is everywhere in art and everywhere in everyday life. There would be no art without style. Picasso’s Guernica has a style, and Pride and Prejudice does too, and the building you are in has … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 5: … and, More Importantly, Ruthwell…

“Bloody Hell!” The blasphemous words were out before I could stop them… and in a church too! I think, under the circumstances, I might be forgiven. My companion, though less verbal, was equally astounded. The history of the little kirk … Continue reading

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The Pylon Gate…

* “Behold! The Double Son of the Songstress, hail to you Great God, Lord of Truth and Justice who oversees the completion of the Sacred Eye in the City of the Sun. My purity is that of the Great Benu-Bird … Continue reading

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Free Time…

* ‘…all the great thinkers recognise the importance of rational thought and also the importance of getting beyond the rational and that’s where the myths and fairy stories come in…’ – The Heart of Albion * Ancient terms of measurement … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2020! Lulu is lonely ~ but she has Pete Springer

Dear Santa, This virus that appears to be getting around the worldeven faster than you do, is going to make sure it is a very lonely Christmas for so many people. Families and friends cannot be together as they would … Continue reading

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On the Doorstep ~ Screen, Stars, Playboy Bunnies and History in Aldbury

We needed to get out and about a bit…not somewhere we would have to be ‘out’ for too long, as the day was chilly and overcast. but just enough to stretch our legs and catch our interest. We started with … Continue reading

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Chilled #midnighthaiku

Chill rain stealing warmth Washing away sunlight’s gift Bringing life to earth *

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