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Of Carols and Kissing Boughs ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: This time last year I was proudly labelling seven bottles of our own freshly brewed Sticky Rogers Mead which, incidentally, has matured into a very pleasant medium-dry festive tipple, and continues to grow in flavor and … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 7: St Andrews… the Abbey

We didn’t go to the Roman Catholic Cathedral where the relics of St Andrew are now housed. We were here to see the ancient places where they had once been… lost now to time, buried perhaps somewhere in the vast … Continue reading

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Beyond the bounds…

* It is not beyond the bounds of possibility, that a technologically advanced people could live more simply than their technology insists… * But outside the realms of science fiction writing it is highly unlikely. * The Ancients present us … Continue reading

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Wayland: Silver-Smith of Souls… Stuart France

* There are a number of intriguing aspects to the legend of Wayland Smithy… The earliest written sources appear late and are decidedly piecemeal. * Wayland is the son of a God, Giant, or King of the Otherworld. He is … Continue reading

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Christmas with the Small Dog

Originally posted on The Small Dog:
I was a bit worried he wouldn’t come, ‘specially after the antlers took a hit… But he did, and I got presents… like wrapping paper to open!!! And a new treat-finding puzzle… And a…

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A Christmas Wish

  However, wherever or whether you celebrate Christmas, may this day bring you peace, love and joy and may all the gifts of the season be with you, now and always.  

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Shine #midnighthaiku

In midwinter’s depths The light against the darkness Shines all the brighter *

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