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Are There Any Primitive Languages? ~ Nicholas C. Rossis

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis : Once again, Quora has a great answer on linguistics — and the emergence of language in particular. As Thomas Wier points out, the faculty of language is far, far older than our own species. … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 5: Decisions at Dawn

The trouble with bodies is that by the time they realise you are on holiday and don’t have to get up… you are not, and you do. So I was up long before dawn, as usual, scraping the ice from … Continue reading

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One of our mounds…

* The plan was to base our inaugural public ‘solstice’ event at Avebury and thus it seemed natural to book a room at the Public House situated in the centre of the Stone Circle… Only, The Red Lion no longer … Continue reading

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‘Other Earth…Stuart France

* Aurally… Aurally Pray, explain if you can, “Why O’ why is it so typical for this sort of man?”… * The Sci-en-ti-fic Messers ‘Our-King’ and ‘Door-Kins’ et el… Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Ani’s Advent 2020! And Then We Were Eleven ~ Betsy and Deborah Jay

Dear Santa, here’s my Christmas list, It’s just about that time, And as an Indie writer Thought I’d submit mine in rhyme. I know you’re overworking And your mailbox must be full, So maybe a poetic list Might have that … Continue reading

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On reflection…

I woke this morning with the image of a dream imprinted on my eyelids. The image was a simple one… an empty landscape with a lake that held the reflection of a tree. I could replay the dream in silent … Continue reading

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New #midnighthaiku

Time and tide unturned Unstoppable momentum New pages open *  

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