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Christmas starts now. Or it used to. ~ Thorne Moore

Reblogged from Thorne Moore: I am nicking this post, looking at the history of Christmas, from my business website which won’t be there for much longer (I am officially retired!) In 350AD the Pope decreed that the feast of Christ’s … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 3: No Room at the Inn

For some strange reason we had thought it would be a good idea to leave Wales and head for our next destination. Wales is a very beautiful place and one I love, but technically, we weren’t really supposed to be … Continue reading

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The City and the Stars (8) : Longships ~ Steve Tanham

The traditional picture of the Vikings – looting, marauding, raping invaders – may not be entirely true of their time on Orkney, though they did rule this gentle archipelago with an iron fist for five hundred years… (1300 words, a … Continue reading

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* A hollowed stone, baptismal well and caves of darkest night… Once more we find a secret hidden in the plainest sight; Where broken pillars signify Golgotha’s final doom Yet ancient wisdom echoes through the ever-silent womb. Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2020! Paws for thought…

Dear Santa, Do you know how many of the four-legs I have met since I’ve been blogging have come from rescues and shelters? You’ve got to admit, they are all intelligent and interesting creatures… Yes, even the cats. Noelle’s Garfield, … Continue reading

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A dismal dawn

It was a miserable Monday morning. Frozen fog clung to every branch and blade of grass, the temperature was well below zero and I had to be out early with the car. The garage is just two miles from my … Continue reading

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Elemental #midnighthaiku

Momentary grace Witnessing the birth of day Earth and air embrace Born of the same source Expressing divinity They remain themselves

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