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Mary Smith ~ Pregnant in Pakistan#03 #Finale

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace: The next few months were busy. As always reports were needed and funding bids – I laboured over one from WHO which, from diary entries seemed to take forever to complete (all those objectives, outputs and activities) … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 4: Off the Motorway…

We’d done well so far. We deserve some credit for that. For once we hadn’t deviated from our original, if somewhat vague plans. It was never going to last. Like all good stories, we’d decided on a beginning a middle … Continue reading

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The City and the Stars (9 – End) : The most peaceful place in the world ~ Steve Tanham

The conclusion of the Silent Eye’s extended workshop to Orkney. A visit to the neighbouring island of Rousay. A sad disappointment and a wonderful surprise. (1300 words, a ten-minute read) (Above: a modern reconstruction of a Neolithic farmer felling a … Continue reading

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The Waters of Life

“We, like the earth, arose from the Waters of Chaos. A point of Becoming in the potential that Became. It was all there… everything that is, was and will be… all that might be… in that single moment; complete, yet … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2020! Ruby’s Christmas Adventure…

Dear Santa, She’s been getting all nostalgic lately, remembering lots of things from a long, long time ago. Like the big snowfall when she was little and had to be carried to school because it was so deep… Or playing … Continue reading

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The Wish List

I’d had occasion to delve into the depths of old diaries. I had kept them on and off for years, but when I went to work in France in 1981 my mother bought me an A4 book and suggested I … Continue reading

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Magic #midnighthaiku

Flames ignite the west Gateway to a land of dreams Otherworld awaits *

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