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When roads become rivers – back in Afghanistan ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace: I thought I’d provide some random snapshots from my second tour of the clinics in Afghanistan, in particular some of the problems we faced while travelling. We left on May 01, 1990 in two vehicles. I was … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 5: Déjà Vu…

Where do ladybirds go for winter? I can tell you that… they go to Aspatria. The carvings on the gateposts were full of them. I had recognised the name immediately because it is so unusual. I couldn’t quite remember why … Continue reading

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Living Wood, Living Stone…

* “Who are you to say these things to me?” said Judas Thomas. Joshua said, “You do not know who I am from what I say to you? Then you have disregarded the living one who is in your presence. … Continue reading

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A Red-Haired Boy…

* … The king immediately ordered a tower be built on a densely wooded isle off the coast of his lands and had his daughter put in the tower away from all danger. Nine home-steads about the foot of the … Continue reading

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Mist Veiling Unveiling Unravelling Chimera conjured Memories awoken Visions of a past revealed Domain of fractured images Dreams bedevil rationality Logic dismisses imagination Dreamers enchanted by arcane shadows Freed from the tether of gravity Wander otherworldly pathways Embracing experience Minds … Continue reading

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Wonder #midnighthaiku

Childhood’s snow dreaming Mysteries and fairytales Coloured by magic *  

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