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Chapter Five: ThreeLegs ~ from Usual Muttwits

Βία awakes to the tap-tap-tap of Freddy’s stick against her cage. The stick continues past, tap-tap-tapping towards Scroggy’s and stops. “roytthen” Freddy open the cage door “out!” Scroggy pushes himself right into the back of the cage, trembling not the … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion- Day 3: Breakfast in Chester

What with the late night snow and ice it was with a sense of relief that I drew the curtains on a dark and dingy morning. Not too bad, I thought, all things considered. The ice on the car would … Continue reading

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The Tale of Bally-mac-Buan…

* Bally ‘sweet-speech’ the renowned story teller secretly arranged to tryst with Elaine, daughter of king Fergus. The one from Ulster, the other from Leinster… Both set out to meet at Ross-na-Ree on the south side of the river Boyne. … Continue reading

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* Incongruous in Yorkshire stone and sleepy market town Where unexpected masterwork still wears His thorny crown Where history, both false and true, unfolds upon the walls And legend, faith and memory adorn its hallowed halls. Continue reading at France … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2020! Sally Cronin’s Advice on Christmas Treats

Dear Santa, I cannot live down My little peccadillos… Like maybe, stealing whole ham hocks Or de-stuffing her pillows. I only stole the turkey once, The salmon once as well… The chocolate, I soon learned was bad, And out of … Continue reading

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On the Doorstep: The Secret Garden

We really had no excuse…we have visited this particular village a number of times. We have eaten in its pub and sheltered in its shade… we even made it inside the usually-locked church in a strange and rather spectacular fashion. … Continue reading

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Bridge #midnighthaiku

All passes beneath Carried by the cleansing flow Roipples catch the sun *

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