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What Katy Did was mine – what was yours? #children’sbooks ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace: Who doesn’t love finding some new books under the Christmas tree? This year I gave my book wish list to my son – then the latest Covid restrictions meant we couldn’t meet up after all so I’ll … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 7: Brechin

Just when you thought we must surely be moving into the next day’s adventure now… we went for lunch. It seemed a reasonable thing to do at quarter to twelve. I, at least, was in serious need of the grounding … Continue reading

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Time After Time…

* … “Ah, you’ve left the matrix in this time, that’s good,” says Ben, he pauses, “Why sages?” “You would regard Christ as a sage would you not?” “I would indeed.” “Christ is often pictured in a Vesica.” “It is … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: Ask…

* ‘…We shall all be changed for this mortal, must put on immortality.’ – The ‘Eleventh’ Leaf. …Our respect for the stranger at our door grew. This little device appeared to effectively marry the elements and directions in a four-fold … Continue reading

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The Small Dog’s On Guard

I may be in the doghouse ‘Cause she couldn’t sleep in bed So she curled up on the sofa… Where I dug her up instead (Because I had to check her Just in case she might be dead.) * Continue … Continue reading

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Tenderness #midnighhaiku

No words are needed Tenderness and affection Breaks all barriers *

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