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Guest author: Tim Clarkson ~ Æthelflæd: the Lady of the Mercians

This year marks the 1100th anniversary of the death of one of the most remarkable women in English history. Her name was Æthelflæd and she died at Tamworth in Staffordshire on 12th June 918. She was the eldest daughter of … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd – Imps and crosses

To be fair, the weekend was over…officially at least… but we had scrounged an extra day to go exploring so, for us, the current of discovery continued. The day dawned fair but overcast, with that strange quality of light that … Continue reading

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You can’t really miss the font as you walk into the church in Bakewell. It has to be one of  the best of its kind… certainly one of the finest we have seen from its era. While the church was … Continue reading

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A thousand years of worship… St James’, Avebury

We were greeted by the sight of yet another jackdaw, studiously ignoring the offended pigeon whose headstone it had invaded. There was so much in the body language of these two that any further attempt to understand their various languages … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 5: … and, more importantly, Ruthwell…

“Bloody Hell!” The blasphemous words were out before I could stop them… and in a church too! I think, under the circumstances, I might be forgiven. My companion, though less verbal, was equally astounded. The history of the little kirk … Continue reading

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The past in the present

The little museum didn’t open for a while so coffee and toasted teacakes seemed to be called for and a brief meeting to discuss School business while our companions wandered off to inspect the little town before we reconvened.The museum … Continue reading

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Not finding nothing….

“You will find nothing on the way…Repeat after me… “I will find nothing on the way”…” So said the final email before I left for the north. I failed abysmally at not finding anything, of course. It was only to … Continue reading

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