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Line across the Moon ~ Steve Tanham

The neighbour and I were speaking softly, last night, looking through the spring buds at the rising of the full moon. We were talking about the Covid-19 epidemic and its lockdown. “I’ll be glad when this is over,” he mused … Continue reading

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Vulnerable #midnighthaiku

* Eldritch cries at dawn Hide vulnerability The saddest of songs *        

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Choices ~ Karen DeMers Dowdall #writephoto

The earth is desolate now, even the ocean’s sand runs red. There are but a few of us left, but not enough of plant life left or cow or fowl or fish to eat. We had choices to prevent this … Continue reading

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Rooted #writephoto

Lives Growing Together Hearts and heartwood Opening portals Breathing each other’s breath Rooted in each other’s life Seedlings of stars and hearts of earth Intertwined and interdependent Knowing much but understanding little We seek your shelter and forget to care … Continue reading

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When all the world was empty of humankind ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

When the world is empty, there is Bone. We got the word in 2018. Twelve years to fix the world. It had taken hundreds of years to screw it up. Hundred of years of burning coal, pouring poisons into the … Continue reading

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Changing the seasons of the world – Marilyn Armstrong

Reblogged from Serendipity: I haven’t read the official report, but I’ve read a lot of summaries and I wasn’t at all surprised by any of it. Twelve years left and then we can’t “save the earth.” I consider it highly … Continue reading

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Cold, Distant, Unearthly, Inhuman song… Stirring emotions Only hearts understand. Feel it… there is a yearning, Calling us to new horizons, Irresistible invitation To step beyond, immersed in haunting song. Heart to heart they sing, seeking compassion; Borne across the … Continue reading

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Bared #midnighthaiku

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Garden of Extinction reblogged from champagnewhisky

Reblogged from champagnewhisky… “Any species, now matter how unusual or common, is vulnerable…”: Of all the areas of the stunning Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa – and all the areas are stunning – one in particular … Continue reading

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Guest author: Annabelle Franklin – Do we really need to leave Earth?

Recently, BBC2 showed a programme called The Search for a New Earth. It featured physicist Stephen Hawking, who claimed we will have to leave Earth within the next 100 years as it will have become uninhabitable. He listed various possible … Continue reading

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