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“Empty your mind… empty yourself…you are nothing and nowhere… just floating in the embrace of the universe…” It is a nice idea and one I have heard at the start of many a meditation… and in meditation, such a vision … Continue reading

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Looking for answers…

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night… this book that lies open on my desk begins with a rather less evocative phrase. More mundane and far less atmospheric…though the writer who had penned them both was the same. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Alan Richardson – The Lightbearer

Alan Richardson is one of those authors who seems to have always been on my shelves. I first came across his work more years ago than I care to remember, when I was devouring every reputable book on magic and … Continue reading

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The Fort at Brean Down

It is a strange place… all square, military angles, stark on the green spit of land that reaches out into the Bristol Channel. It is one of the Palmerston Forts, built to defend the channel in Victorian times and remaining … Continue reading

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… and up another hill

Brean Down. I had camped in its shelter long ago and even painted it, not knowing what it was. This is the spit of land on which the fort of ‘Vivian Le Fay Morgan’ was built in Dion Fortune’s Sea … Continue reading

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Towards the hill

We had stumbled across a lovely old pub with an interesting name. It promised lunch and, being Somerset, also cider. We may have taken a little while… lunch was superb. Then back on the road towards the west and our … Continue reading

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Heading west

We took what you might call the long way home from Glastonbury, partly because we had more time than expected, partly to avoid the holiday traffic of the motorways… and partly just because we could. There was a distant hill … Continue reading

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After a wonderful evening with the talk under the aegis of the Glaston Centre School of Learning, and a long, lingering talk in the courtyard, it was time, with great reluctance, to leave Glastonbury again, though it is nice to … Continue reading

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The Silent Eye in Glastonbury

“Sue?” We were early, having left Buckinghamshire before six am to get to Glastonbury for the Walk and Talk event… so the windows of the bookshops had, inevitably, drawn us… “It’s the marmalade hair…” A hand extended and ignored in … Continue reading

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