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Crescent ~ Jay Mora-Shihadeh #writephoto

The Moonbeam Kissed the Flower While it was Sleeping With its soft-eye-petals closed the flower had a dream, that it fell Continue reading at  The Artist From The Inside Out

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The Small Dog and the Housework

My two-legs really worries me When she starts with the cleaning, She climbs on things that wobble when she’s stretching out and leaning. She scrubs and talks of ‘elbow-grease’ And squirts stuff that’s all squeezy That makes things smell all … Continue reading

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The small dog steps in…

She’s somewhat tied up and she’s making me dizzy, All dashing around like she is, being busy, The storm got the fences and pulled off the roof Of the shed, which is anything but waterproof. With its windows blown in … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Verse – Doggerel: Life with the small dog by Sue Vincent #Doglovers

Ani gets a lovely review of her new book, Doggerel, from Sally Cronin at Smorgasbord. Delighted to share my review for this lovely book of verse that so brilliantly reveals more about a small black dog with a massive heart. … Continue reading

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Out now! Doggerel: Life with the Small Dog…

I dream of literary heights, Of poetry and fancy’s flights… Of philosophical debates And tales the inner heart relates. She dreams of tennis balls in flight, Of sneaking cuddles in the night, Of muddy walks and open gates And chicken … Continue reading

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Free day?

I had a whole day to myself! Let’s be clear, I don’t often get one of those through the year When I don’t have appointments and don’t need to drive But can simply sit back and be glad I’m alive. … Continue reading

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Breaking bad?

It started with a tyre, then another, then a third… “The tracking’s out,” they said, although the price was all I heard. “The fourth one will need doing soon, and have you checked the spare?” Now, should I groan and … Continue reading

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Illustration: Edward Lear I can knock up a poem In no time at all, If my time’s running short And my back’s to the wall. It isn’t a talent, My brain is just geared To rhyming and meter And verging … Continue reading

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The small dog and the song of ‘hey…er, what the?’

By the door an itchy small dog Waits for access to the garden Needs the cool of morning dewdrops To appease the summer stifle Bounds outside into the silence Long before the birds have woken Spots a space invader soaring … Continue reading

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A Ghost Story ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Along that passage we share with presence unseen, only knowing they’re there and perhaps where they’ve been, by the scent of dankness, like dew on old earth, or stone dust; by the motes which twist in the morning’s beam, and … Continue reading

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