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Bars In place Imagined Invisible Freedom’s flight constrained Bitter necessity Becoming the prison cell Lives lost, grief overlooked, tears fall, The infection of fear continued By the continued infection of fear I sit behind a frozen window pane Glass holding … Continue reading

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To leave no place for regret in a life Save only mistakes from which to learn Letting error serve good purpose Redeeming remorse for hurt Carelessly committed Youthful folly wakes To see itself Mirrored eyes Reflect Pain Joy Growing Unfolding … Continue reading

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Missing the point

False Premise Play or prey A simple choice By corporate rules Predator or victim Conflict and separation With the single stroke of a pen In pursuit of imagined success Machiavellian machinations The route to riches is not paved with gold … Continue reading

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Mist Veiling Unveiling Unravelling Chimera conjured Memories awoken Visions of a past revealed Domain of fractured images Dreams bedevil rationality Logic dismisses imagination Dreamers enchanted by arcane shadows Freed from the tether of gravity Wander otherworldly pathways Embracing experience Minds … Continue reading

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Strait The path Narrow lines Guiding onwards Shrouded and shadowed Both beauty and respite Call a seeker’s feet to stray Till drawn by darker temptations The light ignored for baser nature The track seems lost in a jungle of need … Continue reading

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Look not to find magic and miracles Performed as conjurers’ illusions Pandering to credulity Deep-veiled in allegory Surpassing logic’s reach Alchemy’s true gift Already yours Lead to gold Golden Child Seek Secrets Long buried Hidden beyond Imprisoning flesh Balanced and … Continue reading

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Comedy of Errors…

They, Faceless And faithless, Fostering fear, Make freedom a crime While preserving their own. Impose what could be chosen, Blame science and necessity Isolating the isolated While hidden mouths speak words we do not hear. We, the faceless, now hide … Continue reading

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Something different from Colleen this week for her poetry prompt. She asks us to create a ‘found poem’ from the following quotes, taken from Longfellow’s A Psalm of Life, chosen by Pat at Thoughts and Entanglements. Alternatively, we can create … Continue reading

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* Deep The fear In silence Slowly growing Born of ancient roots With infinite patience Awaiting its chance to feed Accepting any form offered The predator stalks its prey unseen Dragging unwary minds into blackness No escape from its terrible … Continue reading

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If I wake Tomorrow To a new dawn Just another day Trudging ever onward Another mindless journey Will the clock count each passing hour Marking time for mediocrity Or count each second a new adventure? Will my eyes open on … Continue reading

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