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Q & A with D.G. Kaye with Guest Author Richard Dee

Welcome to this edition of Q & A with D.G. Kaye. Today I’m featuring Sci-Fi and Steampunk author Richard Dockett, who writes under the pen name Richard Dee. Today Richard is going to treat us to some insights on his … Continue reading

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Books at bedtime

I’ve had editing up to the eyeballs, It’s no joke but it has to be done… Though it’s getting a bit of a bugger, Going cross-eyed at two books, not one. ‘Cause you know, all those odd extra spaces? The … Continue reading

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D. G. Kaye’s Sunday Book Review -Life’s Rich Tapestry-Woven in Words by Sally Cronin

Reblogged from D. G. Kaye: Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. I’m delighted to be sharing my review for Sally Cronin’s newest release – Life’s Rich Tapestries – Woven in words. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sally’s … Continue reading

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Superwoman, excusues and a re-post…

“Well, some days you are Superwoman and can do anything…” The electric wheelchair was stuck in deep gravel, unable to go either forwards or backwards. It needed to move the few feet to the concrete path, but each attempt only … Continue reading

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The Battered Hat ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

The tradition dates back to yore, when a common man had no eye for words as written on a page, nor either a hand to make them. A symbol, an object he would recognise, was more helpful to him and … Continue reading

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Bedtime Stories for Grownups – Felicity Sidnell Reid is Chris Graham’s guest

Reblogged from TRSA: I suppose it says something, possibly profound, about the state of the world, that there are now so many apps available which promise stories that will send the reader or listener to sleep. You can choose to … Continue reading

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How do you read?

As I scrolled down the page I became conscious that I was doing exactly the thing I was researching. My ‘normal’ concentration and attention to words, born of my lifelong love for seeing them unfold on paper, was wandering off … Continue reading

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Is Reading An Escape? – Guest Post by, Jaq D Hawkins at TRSA

Reblogged from The Story Reading Ape: Do you think of reading as an escape? It’s a phrase we all hear many times. “I read to escape,” or “I’m going to escape into a good book.” But what do we really … Continue reading

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Janice Spina interviews Jennie Fitzkee

Reblogged from Jem’s Books: Jennie Fitzkee Please help me welcome teacher Jennie Fitzkee to Jemsbooks.blog Interview Segment. Jennie is the first teacher that I have had the pleasure to interview. Jennie is a lovely lady and an exceptional teacher of … Continue reading

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Janice Spina interviews Robbie and Michael Cheadle

Reblogged from Jems Books: Robbie Cheadle Please help me welcome authors Robbie and Michael Cheadle to Jemsbooks.blog Segment of Interview an Author. It’s a pleasure to have you here, Robbie and Michael. The soap box is all yours. 1. Please … Continue reading

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