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Ken Gierke: the journey ~ found poem

Reblogged from Ken at rivrvlogr: the journey a gift of love, life, and Mother Nature to write of hope of survival, like a flame to have mattered is a joy to become a better vessel letting go of illusions learning … Continue reading

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The Accountant

He had kept his secrets. He had thought he was safe… He was doing so well. Doing alright anyway. Now, he was not so sure. It was all gone. He has nothing… is nothing. Nowhere to go… nowhere to be. … Continue reading

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Look not to find magic and miracles Performed as conjurers’ illusions Pandering to credulity Deep-veiled in allegory Surpassing logic’s reach Alchemy’s true gift Already yours Lead to gold Golden Child Seek Secrets Long buried Hidden beyond Imprisoning flesh Balanced and … Continue reading

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Without the hand of Man the sun will rise And set in splendour with the dying day; The soul of beauty does not need our eyes. Man’s fate was never written in the skies Though in its blue reflection, portents … Continue reading

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“Just how old are you?” Although youth has long died, “As young as the moment,” My body replied. “If I want to play out In the sun, or climb trees, Run laughing through dewdrops, …I’ll do as I please. I … Continue reading

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Where the wildflowers grow

Locus iste a Deo factus est, Inaestimabile sacramentum, irreprehensibilis est. This place was made by God. A priceless mystery, it is without reproach. Anton Bruckner. I was talking this morning with a friend about the different directions that the spiritual … Continue reading

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  I whisper you to the west, The mist carried your name across the cloud-path, Coursing through the life blood of rivers, Washing far off shores as tides ebb and flow, Drawn by the moonlight. I whispered you to the … Continue reading

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A Dream of the Free Soul ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from The Light Behind the Story: Photo Credit: Pixabay I had one of those dreams I love, again. The ones where I lift, without effort, my feet off the ground and fly unburdened through the landscape. This one, though, … Continue reading

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In season

  Sweet spring withers winter Soft light and ancient frost Rose dawn follows secret night Dark peace a murmured sanctuary No soul flowers in lonely shade But grows in season To blossom wild Roots deep in summer earth

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‘Seek and you will find Ask and the door will open’ The heart knows the way All questions have an answer All destiny a purpose I wonder if anyone is claiming copyright on ancient spiritual texts these days? I have … Continue reading

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