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The path to becoming an author ~ Connie Jasperson #amwriting

Reblogged from Life in the Realm of Fantasy: People often say they want to write a book. I used to say that too. In 1985 I came across my first stumbling block on my path to becoming a writer. I … Continue reading

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The Emerald War ~ Nascent Ederren #writephoto

A sky of emerald green has sat upon me since my youth. The trees as are countless walls to rooms without an end within the deepest woods of my youth, the sky appearing subtly behind leaves of green or golden … Continue reading

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The Echo Cafe ~ Steve Tanham

Sun in Gemini ‘Nighthawks’ by American artist Edward Hopper, Wikipedia Public Domain (link) It would have been difficult to foresee the full social effects of the internet. It is now apparent that our lives have been changed, forever, in ways … Continue reading

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The Hundred Little Things

Originally posted on A Teacher's Reflections:
I have a handwritten list of posts I want to write, things that are important.  There is one that has been screaming at me for a long time, with yellow highlighter and a…

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Thank you ~ Kitty #writephoto

Ushering us always at the right time, Teaching us clockwork precision, Managing numerous life forms you bore with ease, Teaching us co-existence, Plenty of times looking up to you for everyday inspiration, Continue reading at Kittysverses

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A novel look at Merlin

Jamie had gone to bed as soon as the others had left and Merlin had followed shortly afterwards. He was still considering the problem of the barguest as he undressed and threw his clothes in a heap on the chair. … Continue reading

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Daybreak ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

There are angels out there Drawing back dark night curtains Unseen dragon stirs, yawns It’s flame red breath melting Against the blue back drop Continue reading at Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

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10 Things for which the Indie Author is grateful

There are a good many things Indie writers and publishers have to be grateful for. Things we seem to have in common…apart, of course, from the abject poverty of living in unheated garrets whilst suffering for our art. (Look, we … Continue reading

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Daybreak ~ D. Wallace Peach #Writephoto

The chirping alarm clock wakes us at an ungodly hour, and I quickly prepare a thermos of hot chocolate. Muffins packed. Sweaters donned. Flashlights? Check. Blankets? Check. Keys? I pat my pocket, running through my mental checklist. We load up … Continue reading

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Magic-carpet #midnighthaiku

A captured heartbeat Summer’s distant memory Chosen at random Image as magic carpet Touched by the warmth of the sun *

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