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The four elements ~ Running Elk

Reblogged from Stepping Stones: Some places are timeless. Untouched by the ravages of modernity, they remain outside the normal order of things. Entering these spaces opens something primal within us; something we recognise, yet find impossible to adequately describe. Whether … Continue reading

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Still ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Edward walked into the garden. He sniffed the air and frowned. It was a normal early spring day. The grass had completed that shift from dead brown to lively green and the first buds were on the point of bursting … Continue reading

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Guest author: Darlene Foster ~ A Sleepless Night in Aledo

Spain is a fascinating country with many Fiestas, one for every week it seems. These colourful festivals are based on age-old traditions and legends. Some are quite unique. La Noche en Vela, the Sleepless Night, is held every August in … Continue reading

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Imagine this ~ Christine Bialczak #writephoto

Imagine your mind is a calm pond still waters, beautiful reflections needing no one but itself to sustain the life it holds. Imagine your life is a calm pond still waters, full of life holding each creature in safety providing … Continue reading

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Stars and Stones…

* No rock – no base, But just an all-consuming-Hell, Or – empty space. * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Still ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

Dark gnarled branches of the old almond tree Weighed down by time Reaching towards the still cool pond Those who pass here will tell you It has the same feel as Dozemary pool Continue reading at Anita Dawes and Jaye … Continue reading

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Wings of love

The red kites are teasing me again, circling low over the garden… until I grab the camera, disappearing in their typical fashion as soon as the lens is pointed skywards. They were at it all morning, yet all I managed … Continue reading

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Still ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

Gnarled fingers, mottled green reach out – desperate to cup water Continue reading at Kim Blades

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Flame #midnighthaiku

Beyond wind and rain Summer breathes on her ashes Spring ignites the flame *

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