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It’s a lousy, rotten view, but someone’s got to look at it, while it lasts… Ian Hutson

Reblogged from Ian Hutson: It may not be the now entirely foreign country of Hackney, but it is a little bit Chilly (sic). Continue reading at The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

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Choice ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

The river is grey, the water sluggish and tired, skeletal trees stand in the shallows choosing not to cross the stepping-stone boulders lined with moss Continue reading at Kim Blades

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‘The Magisters’ by Jack Eason; interview and review… from Jane Sturgeon

Reblogged from Jane Sturgeon: Jack Eason’s blog “Have We Had Help?” is an eclectic mix of his magical writing, book excerpts; thoughts and observations of the world around him. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is unafraid to stand by … Continue reading

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Choice ~ Michele Jones #writephoto

Castle Cahercasey did provide Emme and her guard the protection she needed, but the price was high. Her guard always surrounded her, and she never went outside. Never. She stared out the window every day. She could see the calm … Continue reading

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Choice ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Jegd stared at the pool without seeing it. The sound of water, always present, did not enter his consciousness. It was an impossible choice. He could go against all that was good and join their leader, Krewn, on his mission. … Continue reading

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The small dog steps in…

She’s somewhat tied up and she’s making me dizzy, All dashing around like she is, being busy, The storm got the fences and pulled off the roof Of the shed, which is anything but waterproof. With its windows blown in … Continue reading

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A Legend In His Own Lunchbox ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

The Rt Hon Gabriel Forstaller-Plumb wrinkled his nose while his intern gripped the too small wellington boot and heaved. Gabby squealed as he nearly tumbled over. ‘For Chrissake Carlton, be careful.’ The underling quailed and tried to tug with more … Continue reading

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Cup #midnighthaiku

A chalice of stone Capturing the dawn-lit sky I drink in beauty *  

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