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A Tangent to the Earth ~ Steve Tanham

No thought of dirt as Young fingers slid round iron Rifled in straight and bitter verticals To stop small boys ascending Ha! Continue reading at Sun in Gemini

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Epiphany ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

Silent sounds music to a wounded soul Pure air oxygen to a jumbled brain Continue reading at Poetry for Healing

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Guest Author: Robbie Cheadle ~ Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives

The Hungarian Jewish Museum was constructed on the plot where Theodor Herzl‘s, known as the father of the State of Israel, two-story Classicist style house stood, and adjoins the Great Synagogue on Dohány Street in Budapest. The museum holds the Jewish Religious and Historical … Continue reading

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Wandering Like A Daffodil ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

Percy Bluffer-Baton, third in line to the Earldom of Twinkle-on-Haze sat on the small marsupial shaped crenellation that extruded from the grassy knoll and had a moment. Percy’s moments tended to be on the short side, almost dwarfish in their … Continue reading

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High Mythology…

For those readers interested in Mythology there are a couple of books published under the Silent Eye Press banner which it would be foolish to be unaware of. The first is the cycle of Egyptian Myths re-envisioned by Sue Vincent … Continue reading

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Still ~ Honore Dupuis #writephoto

This calm landscape makes waiting a sweet pleasure: the stillness of the air, the lambs’s voices, the sharp green in the trees. Here you said once you would come back, so I wait here, every year, at the same spot, … Continue reading

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The present encased in liquid crystal Where focussed immediacy reigns Life seen through a sparkling lens Hearts drowning in a moment Releasing emotion Caught and capturing Grief or beauty Storm or dew Raining Tears Clear Vision Sees beyond Pale reflections … Continue reading

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Reunion ~ Sascha Darlington #writephoto

“Skulking around.” That’s what Grandma Lindley would say. “Why you skulking around, child? Don’t you have better things to do than spy on folks?” That’s what she would ask me if she were alive today and saw me. My reply … Continue reading

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Open #midnighthaiku

Petals unfolding Beauty opens to wonder A delicate dawn *

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