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Daybreak ~ D. Wallace Peach #Writephoto

The chirping alarm clock wakes us at an ungodly hour, and I quickly prepare a thermos of hot chocolate. Muffins packed. Sweaters donned. Flashlights? Check. Blankets? Check. Keys? I pat my pocket, running through my mental checklist. We load up … Continue reading

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Time Travelling Slowly ~Marilyn Armstrong

Reblogged from Serendipity: Without a machine or a wormhole, we travel through time every day of our lives. We don’t do it instantly, but every photo we take is a picture of us in the past. Recent past, long ago … Continue reading

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Fooling ourselves…

As soon as you start to mention the whole mind over matter thing, scepticism immediately cuts in like an automatic safety mechanism to keep you on the right side of reality and sanity. Vague visions of objects floating across a … Continue reading

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Space and Time

Consciousness flickers round the edges of dreaming and I become vaguely aware of the delicious luxury of warmth and comfort and a body relaxed and sleepy. It is dark and silent, the dawn will be long in coming, and dreams … Continue reading

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Beyond ~ Bladud Fleas#writephoto

Everything alive here, now and before, is the favour of the sun; its light and warmth. In the cold of late winter, before the spring, before the earth has warmed and, in its turn, warmed the air which remains chill … Continue reading

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Why AI won’t work. Probably. ~ Matthew Wright

Reblogged from Matthew Wright: One of the main tropes of science fiction has to be the self-aware robot or computer – one mobile, the other not, but both presented as self-aware and able to think as we do, although often … Continue reading

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Soulless #midnighthaiku

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The Young Earth – Fandango #writephoto

 Jason’s kids spotted the two large boulders, ran over to them, and started climbing on them. “Be careful, kids,” he yelled after them. When Jason caught up with them, they asked him how the boulders got to be in this … Continue reading

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A common misconception?

“….so, this year it is Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court, and next year we’ll be in Sumeria.” Running around getting things organised for the workshops always involves the attempted acquisition of some strange items. I frequently get asked what I’m … Continue reading

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When the Earth Rang like a bell – Suzanne #writephoto

When the Earth rang like a bell* as the solar winds swept past Amelia Whitewitch felt dizzy on her feet. “Dusk already,” she mused. “The twilight hour, the witching hour. These days are strange indeed.” Her thoughts came all in … Continue reading

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