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Guest author: Sarah Beth Goncarova ~ Harnessing Light

I often feel a desire to stop, or at least slow down. And I know I am not alone in this. So many friends are taking themselves off of social media, even those who a year ago, were totally addicted, … Continue reading

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Exposing your work, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Reblogged fromEntertaining Stories: Six sites that will get your book in front of  thousands of potential readers… for free…. Hi, all, and welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. This week is a special edition, because it’s geared to … Continue reading

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Advanced Twitter Tips for Writers #AmWriting #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Reblogged from D.E. Haggerty: There’s no way around it – if you want to build a writer’s platform and cultivate relationships with your readers, you have to be on Twitter as part of your author toolbox. Although I didn’t really see … Continue reading

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Useful Twitter Hashtags for Bloggers – from Suzie Speaks

Reblogged from Suzie Speaks… the mysteries of the eponymous hashtag revealed: What is a Hashtag? A hashtag, put simply, is a label or category that allows others to find something within a specific theme or content and are primarily used … Continue reading

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Promoting yourself – Craig Boyack

Reblogged from Craig Boyack at the Story Empire Blog, some thoughts on promotong your work… and while you are reading, remember that a guest post doesn’t always have to be a direct promotional post for a book. It can be … Continue reading

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Guest author: Nicholas Rinth – Writing inspiration

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m currently down for the count and confined to my room because I just ate a whole Cinnabon. One. Cinnabon. And I’m feeling sick because of it. How people can continuously consume … Continue reading

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Be my guest: Yecheilyah Ysrayl – Platforms Made Easy – A Simple Look at Platform Building for Aspiring Authors

Note: This article can apply to ANYONE just starting a business, not just writers, who would like to understand more about platform building. Just replace writer / author with your profession. Platform building is not something we writers want to … Continue reading

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The pros and cons of author promotion #amwriting

Two articles by the same author, both well worth a read…they polarised opinion when first published. The first was found via Wendy at  No Wasted Ink‘s weekly writing links: Please shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work. The … Continue reading

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Nothing. Zilch. Silence. Now, much as I appreciated the chance to get organised for a long day at work this morning without having to worry too much about it, it was going to bug me all day. My inboxes are … Continue reading

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There are moments when I despair of the survival of common sense, I really do. Checking Twitter this morning I was obliged to clear a number of posts from my feed… tastelessly explicit sexual references verging on the pornographic and … Continue reading

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