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What she wants ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: It has to be said that Milda Whorl has been described to me, with feeling, as ‘a determined young lady.’ She certainly was decisive, knew what she wanted, and made determined efforts to … Continue reading

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Storm ~ The Indishe #writephoto

As I step inside the stony monolith atop the green hill, I am entranced. The dark grey clouds above seemed to echo its sombre appearance. Each stone has a story to tell. They are worn out for they have stood … Continue reading

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Walking around Oxford ~ Mike Biles at A Bit About Britain

Reblogged from A Bit About Britain: I’m not easily given to hyperbole; I’ve told you that a million times. But it is genuinely hard to think of a British town that can be quite so achingly beautiful as Oxford. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Storm ~ Diana Wallace Peach #writephoto

The First of Chaos strode into the Borderland, summoning the rains with his raised palms. Would their thunderous return drown the land and all those toiling in its dust? He harbored little doubt of that outcome. Would they quench the … Continue reading

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All about the Pear Tree…

* …One of the things they taught me at High Furrow was that love has gone out of fashion. ‘Love, is passé,’ they said. In fact, so outmoded a concept was love that the people there could not even bring … Continue reading

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The Way It Used To Be ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

There were hollows underneath the old ruins. They could be reached through the small shadowy glen that indented the hill where the remains of the stone structure stood. Da had said that the underground spaces had likely been storerooms, but … Continue reading

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Walking through history

We were out before daylight again, the dog and I. In spite f the storms, wind and rain, there are daffodils in flower and everywhere there are signs of spring. While the human half of this pre-dawn duo cowered gratefully … Continue reading

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Waiver(ing) ~ Jules #writephoto

death ruins those who waste away in the confines of locked darkened hearts perhaps in light of day, hope can penetrate the bleak gloom Continue reading at Jules Pens Some Gems

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Vernissage #midnighthaiku

Winter’s portrait glows Beneath a varnish of rain Celebrating dawn * When I lived in Paris, hanging out with the artists in Montmartre, a ‘vernissage’ was always an excuse to party. Originally, the name applied to the days preceding an … Continue reading

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