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10 Things for which the Indie Author is grateful

There are a good many things Indie writers and publishers have to be grateful for. Things we seem to have in common…apart, of course, from the abject poverty of living in unheated garrets whilst suffering for our art. (Look, we … Continue reading

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The Coffee Monster ~ Gun Roswell

Reblogged from Rantings of a Third Kind: “The monster in me, before coffee, believe you me, you really do not, want to see” Gun Roswell The Coffee Monster In the early morning hours, the alarm went off, waking up, with … Continue reading

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Caffeine: it’s the universe’s way of apologizing~Barb Taub #humor #sleep

Reblogged from Barb Taub: Last night, I heard coughing. It sounded like it was coming from beneath me.* *[No, of course not. The Hub wasn’t even home. Get your mind out of that gutter.] I sat up, stumbled out of … Continue reading

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Ian Hutson has Lunch at the Ashmolean with Lawrence of Arabia…

Reblogged from The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company: The Ashmolean… Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford. Website here. Founded in 1683, open Tuesday to Sunday, and Bank Holiday Mondays, 10am–5pm. Admission is free but there are buckets by the door. What … Continue reading

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Separated by a common language #Blogversary #humor #ThrowbackThursday from Barb Taub

An American perspective on the vagaries and confusion of the English language…reblogged from Barb Taub: The first time I went skydiving, the instructor had to ‘help’ me out of the plane (via a boot to my backside). Five years ago, … Continue reading

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Ginger nuts

(One from the archives) I blame the hotel with its tea tray So tempting just laid there, you know While the shortbread could possibly linger, The ginger nuts just had to go. I had made up a nice cup of … Continue reading

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Guest Author: D. E. Haggerty – Coffee is Godlike

Friends, including my nerdy boss and whacky baker buddy from Callie’s Cakes, claim I’m totally addicted to coffee. Although I’m not as dependent on the drink as they claim – I love a chocolate cupcake smothered in buttercream frosting goodness … Continue reading

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Where latte lives by Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

Reblogged from Serendipity: The glade was always special. The light was different in the glade. Rumors abounded. Especially after little Mary had gone there to picnic with her dolls and disappeared without a trace. They found the dolls, but Mary was gone. … Continue reading

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The Glade – #writephoto – Short Story by Faith McCord

Reblogged from Faith McCord at Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books I managed to climb out of the car, of which the front end was wrapped around the tree. Jim wasn’t so lucky. He was clearly crushed by the steering wheel … Continue reading

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Morning misanthropy…

“Oooh, you look well!” She beams you a chirpy smile across the yard, halting you in your progress with the heavy load of rubbish for the bin. You force the pained grimace into more acceptable lines, unwilling to scare the … Continue reading

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