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Jolene ~ Adele #writephoto

“Y’all gonna be okay while I’m gone?” Darlene asked her husband, Mick and her daughter, Jolene.  She was heading off for the weekend to a Women’s Ministry retreat in Atlanta. They both looked at her before Mick answered, “Yes, we … Continue reading

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North-easterly VI: Ringing a pele

There is something about a map, a proper, paper map, that makes a journey personal. We don’t tend to use sat-nav, resorting to such technologies only when cities force us to do so… and we had invested in a brand … Continue reading

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Cave Trip ~ The Dark Netizen #writephoto

This is the second part in the tale. Find the prequel here: Flash Fiction: Cave Trip Happy reading! 🙂 After discovering the skeleton, I decided to explore further. I drew my Glock out of my pocket. After all, prevention is … Continue reading

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The Stone and the Pilgrim (3) ~ Steve Tanham

Sun in Gemini “It’s all about tea-rooms, with you, isn’t it!” It was said some years ago, and there was anger in it – just a bit – but she was right. We both collapsed in a heap of laughter … Continue reading

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Thank God it’s Monday!

I’m too tired to write, ’cause I had a lie-in, You might think that the two wouldn’t mix, But after a weekend from Hell with the pond I was ready for crossing the Styx. There was panic on Saturday morning … Continue reading

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The Ghost Ship – Steve Tanham

The Ghost Ship —- They come from land and some by wave To travel brave and not unnerved Across a globe described by one Who sees in numbers straight and curved —- That one, disgraced, must face a queen Must … Continue reading

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Panics quietly stage left…

It is that time of year. The time when my bedroom starts to ressemble a theatrical costume department, the days suddenly start racing by far too quickly and The Day approaches with panic-inducing velocity. Not that I am starting to … Continue reading

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The Weekend – Elizabeth Mclaughlin- #writephoto

Times Square was busy as usual, flooded with tourists and local street artists trying to make a living. The cell phone chimed as I brushed through crowds that collected in front of theaters and shops. I slid my hand into my … Continue reading

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Harvest of Being

In September the moors will still bear their crown of heather, veiled in autumn mists and the promise of gold. The moors around Ilkley are my heart’s home, a place that is, for me, unlike any other. At Solstice Steve, … Continue reading

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Weird weekend

Back from another trip north, I fought my way to the door through an overgrown garden with a list of jobs as long as the proverbial arm. Certainly longer than my hobbit-sized one. I shall simply close my eyes for … Continue reading

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