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The Master Sculptor ~ Anurag Bahkshi #writephoto

The troll king had warned me while commissioning the statue that it had to be in his exact likeness, or he would lose his head, and I, mine. Continue reading at jagahdilmein

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The Waking ~ Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

He woke through stillness and cold. That waking was precarious, and came and went, like a lazy tide. But at last, consciousness impressed itself on him. He opened his eyes to the world again. Eddie breathed deep. The heavy motion … Continue reading

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Guest Writer Spot

Originally posted on estherchiltonblog:
I’d like to welcome Karen Ingalls as my Guest Writer this week. Before you read her work, you might like to know a little bit about her: Karen Ingalls is a retired RN, author of three…

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Elusive realities: M. J. Mallon ~ Strange encounters

We were chatting in the kitchen at the time. Through the window I glanced to the right and I saw a momentary striking image, an indeterminate shadow of black and white twirling, pirouetting on the spot. My eyes couldn’t keep … Continue reading

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Horatio Clarke ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

Cora walked along the path, the new bonnet in her hand. While the family was entertaining the vicar and his family, she opted to venture out here. Her face was turned up to the sky, her flushed cheeks becoming. She … Continue reading

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England, St. George, and the flag ~ Ellen Hawley

Reblogged from Notes from the U.K.: The mayor of Genoa wrote to the queen recently, demanding the back rent on England’s flag, the St. George cross. I’ll come back to that, but first let’s talk about the flag itself. It’s … Continue reading

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An act of mercy ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

His face was as stony as the rocky outcrop at the top of the hill. I wondered if his heart was made of similar granite. Since Mum had passed he hadn’t shed a tear. My sisters and I had gathered … Continue reading

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More sea mist… Stuart France

* After our pre-historic village and our cause-wayed isle, we return to Lands End, ostensibly, to at least, again, consider ‘doing-the-touristy-thing’… Only to find that our dragon has been dining out on pea soup and that the parking charge would … Continue reading

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Reveal #midnighthaiku

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