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The Gentle Wave ~ Em #writephoto

Gazing at the deep blue, Marveling at its wonder. All the highs and lows, Making her ponder. Memories flashing in front Of her deep blue eyes. Thinking about beginnings, And sad goodbyes. Continue reading at Em’s World

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Book Promo – ‘My Vibrating Vertebrae’ – by Agnes Mae Graham…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
In remembrance of my Mum on her birthday. 16 Verified Purchase 5 Star reviews for My Vibrating Verebrae: These are stories or narrative poetry centered in Ireland written metrically with…

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Nisha/Wave ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

Her sister, Nisha was dead and she felt nothing.  As she stared at the sea her mind traveled back to what happened to her ten years.  She was 13 at the time.  She left her home with Nisha and her … Continue reading

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Waving to the firmament! ~ Noah Weiss #writephoto

Ah, the refreshing waves of the ocean (or perhaps just of a lake’s beach). When I saw this photo (courtesy of Sue Vincent), with the crashing waves and the picturesque background of the sky, it reminded me strongly of a … Continue reading

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Jim Webster ~ Pontifications along a road less travelled, when things get out of hand.

Reblogged from Jim Webster: I learned long ago that people don’t read blogs about authors going on about the trials and tribulations of being authors. The world at large tends to cast a jaundiced eye in their direction and suggests, … Continue reading

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Citadel of the Sun II… Stuart France

* … We had been at the mercy of the tides before. At Lindisfarne we were stranded on the ‘island’ for eight hours. This time we were ‘stranded’ on the mainland… There is something about causewayed isles that speaks to … Continue reading

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Presence #midnighthaiku

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