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Waves Of Aches And Tears ~ Deborah #writephoto

Standing on the shore listening to the sound of gentle waves I look out to the misty horizon and find comfort for my misty soul filled with grief and longing for a second chance at loving an innocent, sweet life … Continue reading

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The Sands ~ Vivian Zems #writephoto

How is it that sand between toes ….right here and in this moment… can be also running through an hour-glass marking the end of someone else’s time Continue reading at Smell the Coffee

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From Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Soul Swallowers (The Shattered Sea Book 1) by D.Wallace Peach

Reblogged from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Soul Swallowers ( The Shattered Sea Book 1) by D.Wallace Peach: Delighted to feature the new release of D.Wallace Peach.  Soul Swallowers is the first book in The … Continue reading

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Timeless Echoes by Balroop Singh #bloghop #poetry #newrelease

Originally posted on But I Smile Anyway…:
Please allow me to invite fantastic poet and word-master, Balroop Singh to my blog on a bloghop for her new poetry book, Timeless Echoes. Might I add a quick apolgy here to Balroop……

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Veil of Blue

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Beyond the blue is something more Where green leaves end is azure’s home No distance fades or feathers this Transition in the air of Life No boundary we don’t set in stone ➰ Before…

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Waves ~ Kerfe #writephoto

ocean vast, rhythmic gathering, devouring, relinquishing lunar compass that weaves tides Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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Comparing works of Literature… Jaye Marie

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie: The other evening, for the want of anything more dramatically interesting, we were about to watch a comedy film on tv, Raising Arizona with Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter, about a couple who … Continue reading

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The Surfer ~Deborah #writephoto

He watched the waves as they rolled back and forth, not going beyond a certain point on the sand as if an invisible hand were restraining them. Then the scripture verse came to him, “For I have placed the sand … Continue reading

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Weather! … Stuart France

* Getting to the Hurlers proved easy enough… * * Clustered, as they were, around the extremities of Bodmin Moor… * * But the weather closed in… * * Almost as soon as we set foot to turf… * Continue … Continue reading

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Shades #midnighthaiku

Gazing in wonder Toe to toe with history Not dissimilar Shadows of the past Civilisations crumble Will we never learn…

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