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Living Lore: Bob Fairfield ~ The curse of the Babbs

Some of you may be familiar with the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth, with a population now of approximately 2000 people during the Winter months but swelling to over 15,000 during the holiday season. Situated on the North Devon … Continue reading

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Thirty Percent Club (Alaska: Part VIII) #writephoto

Originally posted on Never A Worry:
Saturday, July 7 I woke up at 05:50, and after dressing, went with Levi to the service desk to inquire about my stateroom bill. Because I linked a credit card with the account, I…

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The Summit – #writephoto

Originally posted on Trent's World (the Blog):
Photo by Sue Vincent I trod the ancient path towards the summit.  Each step on the well-worn flagstones was an effort.  An effort that we both had to make to meet here…

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the summit

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Living Lore reblog: James Osborne ~The Gold Boulder

Reblogged from James Osborne: We all know legends grow with retelling.  This one’s no exception.  It’s about a gold boulder . . . and how it caused a murder. Or did it?  We’re not sure. Nor are we convinced about … Continue reading

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Nature Versus Nurture?

“Ewww!”said my younger son, screwing up his nose and making terrible, traumatised faces as he drank the small glass of milk with about as much relish as if it were arsenic. “Straight from the udder?” “‘From moo to you’ it … Continue reading

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How to disguise your sacred monument… Stuart France

* Firstly, cover it with the Dragon’s Breath… Secondly, consign it to a relatively late historical period… Thirdly, invent for it a plausible name… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Sere #midnighthaiku

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