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England, St. George, and the flag ~ Ellen Hawley

Reblogged from Notes from the U.K.: The mayor of Genoa wrote to the queen recently, demanding the back rent on England’s flag, the St. George cross. I’ll come back to that, but first let’s talk about the flag itself. It’s … Continue reading

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Casa Batllo, Barcelona – Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: I know, I know. You thought I was going to continue with my epic trip from last month. And, I am, definitely. There’s still so much to see in New York, from Rockefeller Plaza to … Continue reading

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Riddles of the Night: Connections

We toured the church in Bakewell with our companions, stopping at each of the eight chosen points of interest that highlighted the story we were speculating upon. There is far more in that church than the details upon which we … Continue reading

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Riddles of the Night: Knights, saints and ley lines…

Walking through the town towards the church in Bakewell, I couldn’t help thinking that it was all a bit weird. There were inexplicable gaps between what we had seen and what we had been brought to realise, gaps that were … Continue reading

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Old haunts…

“I thought we could maybe have a run out to St Nick’s…” “That’s odd, I’d been thinking it was about time we had a wander out there…” There was a time when that little patch of Buckinghamshire was our playground. … Continue reading

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George and the dragon

“Nah, sithee,” said Granny, “Just set thee dahn ‘ere, An’ I’ll tell thee a tale old and true, Of ‘ow good Saint George slew a dragon one day An’ all dressed in a metal suit too. It were like this…” … Continue reading

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