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#Wednesday Writer Serialisation of Nine Lives by Jaye Marie ~ Chapter 11

Originally posted on Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie:
When he decided to follow Kate to the Park, Jack had no real idea of what to expect. The weather was pleasant enough, she probably just felt like a walk. Didn’t quite…

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The many wishes ~ OBA #writephoto.

On a tree far away There hung my dreams in different shades of colours of the rainbow like ribbons in the skies dripping down hanging loosely on the branches Continue reading at A Thousand Shades of Awesomeness

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Wishes ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

There are notes, floating, in the breeze Clinging, steadfast, to the trees Music written, for the eyes to hear Words that sing, to those held dear Continue reading at Night Owl Poetry

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Living Lore: Lyn Horner ~ Spider Woman

Traditional Navajo mythology is intended to teach and entertain their children. Such is the legend of Spider Woman, who according to legend, first wove a web of the universe, then taught the Dineh (Navajo) the art of weaving and how … Continue reading

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The garden ~ Jordis #writephoto

Please welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere. Jordis is a dear friend and a Companion of the Silent Eye, where we recently published her poem, The Dancer. I am touched that Jordis took her inspiration from this week’s writephoto … Continue reading

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A Familiar Stranger ~ Deborah #writephoto

She stood there gazing up at the Wishing Tree.  What was a little girl doing here in the forest all by herself.  She looked no older than ten.  Where were her parents?  He wondered if he should approach her.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Living Lore reblog: Processional Pathways of Ancient Ireland ~ Ali Isaac

Reblogged from Ali Isaac Storyteller: In October 2015, I had a very strange experience at Tlachtga, the Hill of Ward. As I walked the site, I became increasingly dizzy and developed a powerful headache. Half an hour after driving away … Continue reading

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Wishes ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

Maisie and her mother Jeanie sat nervously at the kitchen table. Thomas, Maisie’s father and husband to his long-suffering wife Jean was late home from his Friday market. Both knew what this meant. Red-eyed the younger children had all been … Continue reading

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Belerion… Stuart Fance

* …Penzance seems unimpressed with our presence. The thick veil of mist and mizzle thrown up on our arrival has, by sun-up, intensified and is now accompanied by a sea-chill… * * If our hotel room had any windows we … Continue reading

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Clouds #midnighthaiku

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