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Choice #midnighthaiku

Embrace life or flee Choosing anonymity Hidden by the herd * Against constriction Rebels and vagabonds stray Seeking their heart’s path * A choice made freely Dissenting or conforming Holds fast in its strength  

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She is no marble angel with a kiss of ice, A dark ghost, never waked, But a woman, warm and soft, Embracing a velvet universe, Melting the stars of eternity, Deliciously blushing, Longing for life.

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Drink the dawn

  Society demands we do our best Striving, trying for the common goal: The home, the car, the holiday. Squeezing ourselves into a mould Shaped by the grey people, The tax collectors, The nine to fivers Caught by fear of … Continue reading

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Horatio Clarke ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

Cora walked along the path, the new bonnet in her hand. While the family was entertaining the vicar and his family, she opted to venture out here. Her face was turned up to the sky, her flushed cheeks becoming. She … Continue reading

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