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Windblown stone

Still stuck at home… possibly for good now… I can still share memories and previous visits to places that have special meaning for me. Some, like Brimham, were magical, both in their own right and to the eyes of the … Continue reading

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Clues #midnighthaiku

Meanings and symbols Arcane stories set in stone Barefaced mysteries Scattered clues to tantalise Or was the artist laughing.. *  

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And again, should we wash upon, Loch Awe shore… ~ Gavin MacGregor

Reblogged from heritagelandscapecreativity: Vicarious serendipities, perhaps, could have only ever occurred at this location? It started with a couple of images from 1970. I would encounter them once every few years or so, but they haunted me over several decades. … Continue reading

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Colouring the world

One from the archives while I’m making way home… I don’t often write about the painting. To be fair, these days, I don’t do it often… and definitely not often enough. There is something entirely sensual about the smell of … Continue reading

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Binding #midnighthaiku

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Missing the mark

A new footpath has been installed close to the village, running for a few miles through the silent, empty fields. One of its entrances gives onto the road I travel every day and I have watched with mild curiosity as … Continue reading

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The Master Sculptor ~ Anurag Bahkshi #writephoto

The troll king had warned me while commissioning the statue that it had to be in his exact likeness, or he would lose his head, and I, mine. Continue reading at jagahdilmein

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Still writing – Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: I thought I’d take a wee break from my self-imposed blogging and social media embargo to let everyone know I’m still here. I’ve really missed reading posts and being on Facebook, but have to admit … Continue reading

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Fragments #midnighthaiku

Fractured unity Imposing aspirations Of human doing Shining cityscapes Fragmented panorama Humanity sleeps Seekers walk the streets Piecing together puzzles Of human being Divinity waits Masked beneath normality Offering the stars These two sculptures Equus Altus and The Briggate Minerva … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of the Ballachulish Goddess

Reblogged from heritagelandscapecreativity: The Ballachulish Goddess was discovered in 1880 beneath about 10 feet of peat. When she was lifted from lying face down, her quartzite pebble eyes stared forward, unwavering. How remarkable it would have been, when she was … Continue reading

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