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North-easterly V: Layers

A short walk along the coast from Craster is another of the most iconic sights on the Northumbrian shore…Dunstanburgh. The castle has inspired artists and poets over the centuries; Turner and Girtin both painted the ruins, and so did I, … Continue reading

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Watcher ~ Michael #writephoto

She wasn’t real, I knew that as I’d tried so often to catch her, but she disappeared every time I got too close. She was the ghost of Lucy Darnell, the forgotten lover. Her lover had been Darcy Tindall, a … Continue reading

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Guest author: Ann Chiappetta ~ The Wedding

Cass grabbed a sweater from the closet and sighed with relief. Everything was taken care of; the kids were settled and her sister in-law, Linda, had the phone numbers, insurance cards and bedtime instructions for the evening. Liz waited in … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: Kyt Wright – A sceptical experience

I am a sceptic let’s get that quite clear, cynicism is virtually a way of life, I am the first one to look for the correct scientific explanation for reports of UFOs, ghosts, cryptids and the like. My wife has … Continue reading

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Turrets – Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

It was one of those moments that had seemed a good idea at the time but as we arrived at the crumbling castle doubt set into my mind. Breathless from our climb up the jagged hill, we collected around the … Continue reading

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Echoes #midnighthaiku

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#writephoto – Through The Window ~ Helen Jones

He liked to watch the world change. Today it was snowy, the little tree purged of leaves by winter, the land beyond carpeted white. Some days he saw green grass and flowers, butterflies dancing. At other times wind blew the … Continue reading

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It was cold in the cell. Cold, dark and  dank, with the kind of damp that gets right into your bones. There was no way of telling how long he’d been there. It had been a very long time since … Continue reading

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Bleak – Michael at Morpeth Road #writephoto

Hannon was the last man to die on the last day of the battle. It was most unfortunate for he stuck his head out just as the last shell arrived and there only remained a small red stain on the … Continue reading

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Luna – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Reblogged from Two on a Rant: Photo by Sue Vincent They sat on the front porch, rickety oak planks creaking under hard wooden rockers, watching the last remnants of dusk fade from view.  The  half-moon near a misty horizon looked … Continue reading

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