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The Small Dog on Ageing…

She fell on her face and she looked none too happy… And recently she seems to feel pretty crappy… Most mornings, I hear her, when rising from bed, And where once she’d be singing, she’s groaning instead. * Now me, … Continue reading

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Frost #midnighthaiku

Frosted mornings dawn Chilled breath warmed by memory Youth’s sweet adventure  

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Faded Rose

Leopard print lycra Stretched too tight Over tired hips And faded lips Bleeding crimson Into pursed lines Peroxide blonde Faded to brass Blows like straw In winter’s maw Threadbare tapestry Of make-believe Mascara laden Heavy lids Too much TV Don’t … Continue reading

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“Just how old are you?” Although youth has long died, “As young as the moment,” My body replied. “If I want to play out In the sun, or climb trees, Run laughing through dewdrops, …I’ll do as I please. I … Continue reading

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Mixed messages…

“… so older people are more at risk?” I could see the wheels turning. “How old are you now?” I told him. His eyes widened. “When did that happen?” I mentioned birthdays and their usual function of adding a year … Continue reading

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The small dog and the gardener…

The grass had grown, was far too long, My mower wouldn’t cope. What if I trimmed it down a bit? That might work. I could hope. I got the trimmer all set up, The dog would not go in, Just … Continue reading

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Ages #midnighthaiku

Ancient and modern Perfect juxtaposition Age becomes timeless

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Seeds of winter #tanka

The fruits of wisdom Grown on branches touched by frost Understand winter Tomorrow’s beauty set free Remembering yesterday For Colleen’s tanka challenge

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Faces #midnighthaiku

* Faces tell stories Written in stone and wrinkles Memories remain *

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Gathered #midnighthaiku

* Age remembers youth Sweet mysteries unfolding Riper fruit gathered *

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