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I got home early, all convinced, I’d be all done by seven. I’d have a shower, settle down And watch a film… such heaven! And yet, I’m still here writing At a quarter past eleven… * Not all is lost, … Continue reading

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Crow – Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

The crow was out there in the dead tree cawing loudly again. I pressed my forehead to the condensation covered spare bedroom window and searched for him. In the early evening, storm coloured garden, the sooty bird was difficult to … Continue reading

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On Vacation – #writephoto – Emma Hyde

Gilbert the gremlin was grumpy. The setting sun streaming through the tiny window lit his sullen face, exasperated eyes, frustrated frown. Quite frankly, Gilbert had had enough. “The most important job in the world” the advertisement had boasted, “Invaluable to … Continue reading

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Guest author: Wendy Janes – Turning negatives into positives

Thank you to Sue for inviting me to write a post for her lovely blog. There are occasions when we feel we’re not getting anywhere or we’ve taken a wrong turn. Such negative situations can be really demoralising, but they … Continue reading

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Grind #midnighthaiku

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On a high…

I seem to be way behind writing about my time away; there was so much to tell. My second day of ‘do as you please’ I planned on spending in Buxton. While not technically ‘in’ the Dales, the hills wrap … Continue reading

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The sun was already half way up the window when I woke. My bedroom faces due east into the fields. At night, it is pitch black and I can see the stars strewn across the heavens. This time of year, … Continue reading

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“I feel a blog post coming on,” said my son, grinning as he watched me snapping away at the bees. The words have become something of a joke, as practically everything may now engender a blog post. We were having … Continue reading

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The scent of a woman…

The pigeon flew up out of the bamboo beside the door, scaring Ani and not doing a lot for me either as the wet dog jumped to the safety of my arms. Daft thing. The smell of wet dog at … Continue reading

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