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#writephoto prompt : Arch enemy by Joelle Le Gendre

“It’s just an arch, not a god,” Arthur said. During our 2 years of marriage, I’d learned to read the upturn of his right lip, the timbre of his voice, and the inflections attached to the ends of his sentences. … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Brigid P. Gallagher – I Had A Dream

“I have a dream’ A song to sing, To help me cope with anything…” “Mamma Mia,” is a HUGE favourite of mine – I have watched, (and sung along) with the movie, many times; I have also seen the stage … Continue reading

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Death’s Doorway #writephoto #flashfiction bu Geoff Le Pard

‘Have you been to the arch?’ Jimbob shuddered. ‘No one goes there, mate.’ Budboy sniggered. ‘You scared?’ ‘Everyone’s scared. That creep and his death wish. They say if you answer him, you’re next.’ Budboy pulled his coat to him. ‘Well … Continue reading

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Music that means something – Day 4 – Kate Bush

I never liked Wuthering Heights. To be fair, the prejudice might be because I never really cared for the book either, though that might be considered sacrilege in some quarters.  Especially for a Yorkshire woman. But Kate Bush herself was … Continue reading

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Tripping the light fantastic

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
? I have always been fond of dancing, for a man who can twirl an elegant leg with the best of them, it’s the perfect pastime. But I realise that there are mixed opinions on…

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Stones from pensitivity #writephoto

The Stones of Sense. Look closely, See the labours of a thousand hands Laying a thousand stones, Each in memory of someone lost. Touch one, Feel the warmth in the midday sun, Yet even on a winter’s day, These stones … Continue reading

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  It was, without a doubt, a glorious day. Spring had painted the world with colour. The sky was a cloudless blue, the birds were singing and the sweater had finally come off, replaced with a thin cotton top allowing … Continue reading

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Field of Sheaves…Stuart France

* …I have a bad feeling about this place. But Wen insists, and when Wen insists… not even graphic descriptions of the steepness of the hill itself could deflect her… so here we are… half way up the climb… resting … Continue reading

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Paths #midnighthaiku

* A path of light opens Bright before the seeker’s feet Inviting courage * Walk in perfect trust Forgetting fears, let them sink Into nothingness * Reflecting the sky The narrow path seems empty Yet mirrors heaven *  

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