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Snail’s pace

The internet was playing up, the email account had been hacked yet again, pages were taking up to ten minutes each to load and anything that had images or video took longer. It was going to be one of those … Continue reading

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Blessings ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

Lush grass now grew over the span of stones, though none had grown there in the many years when the passage of feet had mowed and flattened any seedling that had found a crack in which to nestle. The water … Continue reading

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Beauty locked within Set free by the touch of light Petals unfurling Graceful abandon glowing Nature celebrates the birth Mysteries unfold Illumination dawning Lighting the shadows Knowledge grows into wisdom Many-petalled alchemy

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I came across an old post while I was rummaging through the files. It looked at the decades of an ordinary life…my life… and how the things that seem ordinary to you, while you are living them, can look very … Continue reading

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Seasons turn

Eight o’clock in September and it is dark. It is really quite strange when that transition from summer to autumn makes itself felt so pointedly. It begins with an almost unseen change in the quality of the green leaves as … Continue reading

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What value the human? – Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: The Open University (OU) is a wonderful institution. I have watched its progress for decades, and it’s a fine example of the power of education and broadcasting, combined. Last night we happened to watch a … Continue reading

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  It was, without a doubt, a glorious day. Spring had painted the world with colour. The sky was a cloudless blue, the birds were singing and the sweater had finally come off, replaced with a thin cotton top allowing … Continue reading

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Happy little elves have been playing again…

So… Between one post and the next, somebody, who shall, for the sake of discretion, remain nameless, has been playing again. Somebody has been twiddling with the settings on that nice little black header bar at the top of the … Continue reading

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Keys to the Forgotten Song by Éilis Niamh #writephoto

Reblogged from The Sound of What Happens in response to the photo prompt: In the beginning the keys were known. Their place and purpose was common knowledge. They were discussed in passing as we might talk about the weather, the … Continue reading

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Lost simplicity

My car has been hauled off to some unknown destination. I said a proper goodbye with some sadness… just in case she doesn’t make it home again. Judging by the puddle beneath the radiator, it wouldn’t surprise me if the … Continue reading

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