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Human statues by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

If ever a survey were to be conducted to find out the most friendly couple among the residents of Silver Oaks, the tiny neighborhood that abutted the southern banks of the river Ganges that served as the informal line of … Continue reading

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Guest author: Judy Martin – Niche writer?

I had such a lovely time round at Sue’s before that I have come back again for another visit. Luckily, she didn’t slam the door in my face, and in fact, made me feel very welcome. As my blog is … Continue reading

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Petrified by Emma Hyde #writephoto

  “How long are we To stand so still, Statuesque and Mute?” said Bill. “We must hide our Identity Or risk our capture,” Explained Lee. “In stillness they See only stone; They look, but leave Us on our own… Continue … Continue reading

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Guest poet: Robert Jones – Medusa like…

Medusa like Thoughts twist and turn like serpents, they Wriggle and writhe for attention. Worming their way to the surface, Hatching; on unsuspecting world. They are vying for release through Innovation and invention. Dying off to be replaced by Endless … Continue reading

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Ancient Light

Originally posted on method two madness:
Sue Vincent’s prompt this week, “Enigma”, is a photo of two standing stones.  The Magnetic Oracle chose to see them as having their own spirits, rather than being inhabited by malicious or unlucky humans…

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Hearts of Stone and Hope by Geoff Le Pard #writephoto #flashfiction

Selma Gubbins always wanted to be an archaeologist, ever since a school trip aged seven when she was allowed to dig in the soil with an old spoon and not have to talk to anyone as she lost herself in … Continue reading

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Beyond time…

With the Feathered Seer workshop just a few days away, I thought I would share a glimpse into the origins of the story around which we will be building the weekend… I had met her before, thinking her a dream … Continue reading

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Field of Sheaves IV… Stuart France

* …When Wen insists… I leave Wen to her circumambulations and try to focus on what little good is to be seen about the place… which amounts to Rowan Trees…a whole raft of them. They never fail to lift my … Continue reading

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Blush #midnighthaiku

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