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Dear Don: Heaven ‘n’ Earth…

Dear Don, The more you look back, the more you see of the origins of so many of our traditions and mythologies… all rooted in the same, very human, questions. I like ‘enchanting the mind’. I wonder if our desire … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: Heaven ‘n’ Earth…

Dear Wen, ‘An older tradition’ is always a good place to start, and ‘ponder’ certainly has a watery aspect to it, though ‘charming the mind’ should, perhaps, be enchanting the mind… It is clear that the ancients had a far … Continue reading

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Seeds of Change

Time does strange things. It is just a week since our workshop and already it feels as if it is receding into the mists, and yet, it is also as clear and sharp as if we were about to enter … Continue reading

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… a thousand words?

I was reading an article that tells how much a picture can attract our attention. The inclusion of a single image can increase the likelihood of someone stopping to read an article, sharing it or, indeed, making it go viral. … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Brigid P. Gallagher – I Had A Dream

“I have a dream’ A song to sing, To help me cope with anything…” “Mamma Mia,” is a HUGE favourite of mine – I have watched, (and sung along) with the movie, many times; I have also seen the stage … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jeff B. Grant

I read quite a log of blogs. I regard Sue Vincent’s as up among the very best – both in the subjects she deals with and in the quality of her own writing. So to have been offered a small … Continue reading

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A work of art

In spite of repeated requests from my nearest and dearest, I had been singing again as I made the coffee. Music has always been part of my life, even though, in spite of writing a number of songs, I can … Continue reading

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Be your own worst enemy or your best friend by Nick Verron

Reblogged from Nick Verron… my son on taking your own advice. It’s so awesome! I’ve accidentally led myself down a trail of thought which has solved the major problems currently holding me back in life. Yesterday, I was writing some … Continue reading

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Locked in

I had not been to the cinema in decades really, until Peter Jackson came along with Lord of the Rings. The TV remote was, for a long time, in hands other than mine. Consequently I have missed a lot. My … Continue reading

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“Not all tears….”

Tears rolled down my cheeks yet again as the film drew to a close…. It had been one of those days, where many things had moved me. A loving message and photograph from a beautiful old lady whom I love … Continue reading

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