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Guest author- Tallis Steelyard aka Jim Webster… The value of money

It is perhaps salutary to look back and contemplate the changes one has seen in one’s life. Indeed it can be interesting to look at the changes one has, by one’s efforts, helped to initiate. Some ideas have faded, others … Continue reading

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Cross China Road Trip 11: Southern Silk Road, Part 01. High Anxiety.

Originally posted on Just Turn Left:
Kashgar. So I’m lying on the bed at the Super 8 three star hotel when it suddenly dawns on me that it’s maybe a good idea to take a look at the next phase…

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Triplet by Sangbad #writephoto

–a– sun sinking slowly horizon gold gull flew fast before losing trail –b– sky on sea orange water also mermaid peeped gull passed the message Continue reading here

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Let’s Keep Blogging Fun – from Hugh’s Views and News

Sage advice from Hugh: I’ve recently been reading some posts and messages on Facebook where people are asking for advice because blogging has got to the stage of stressing them out and/or making them feel guilty. I’ve written about this … Continue reading

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Gold by Lady Lee #writephoto

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Sea Grapes” by Derek Walcott: shore, classics, blind, outcry, surf, console, boulder, flame, sandals, beating, name, exhausted a classic golden flame along the shore blinded by the beauty of the landscape walking along with my … Continue reading

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So it’s eight o’clock on a morning and you’re perched on the end of the eldest son’s bed while the lazy toad has you wait on him hand and foot, discussing the merits of beard oil, the latest blog post … Continue reading

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Considering White-Skunk III… Stuart France

* That White-Skunk possess power is not in doubt. Bald-Eagle himself is wary of it. The point at issue is the uses to which that power is put. White-Skunk uses his power as a weapon to serve his own ends … Continue reading

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Dig #midnighthaiku

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