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M is for Mirror Sestet by Lady Lee #writephoto

Two big stones in the middle of the field Field of grass and daffodils and those two Out of nowhere they seem to be left there There as the sun shines and sets to be out Spiritual source of inspiration … Continue reading

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Guest author: Graeme Cumming – Self help in writing

When I wrote Ravens Gathering, I knew it needed plotting carefully. There were several twists in it, and garden paths needed laying for the reader to be led up – difficult to do if you start with no real sense … Continue reading

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The Storm & the Queen by Sangbad #writephoto

The rain is pouring cat and dog. The roof shakes as the storm violently brush over the thatch roof. He look at the incomplete statue. He has left it in midway ’cause he was not satisfied all of sudden. This … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Foul baggage

* I know the score… I know the signs… there’s no way she’ll decieve me, She’s running round and packing bags, which means she’s going to leave me. She wanders way too often for my liking, I must say, Sometimes … Continue reading

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Your fault by Helen Jones #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge runs every week, and is a prompt based on one of her wonderful photographs. Here’s my response to this week’s image: ‘This is all your fault.’ ‘Humph!’ ‘Don’t you ‘humph!’ at me. We wouldn’t be in … Continue reading

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Dear… well, you didn’t acually give me your name, did you? Just an acronym… Congratulations! Yes, you managed it! You got a reaction! I must apologise, however, for being such a disappointment. I know my reaction is possibly not quite … Continue reading

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Field of Sheaves III… Stuart France

* …But first the directions… Wen decided to ignore them completely and find the stone by way of Mr Pre-Science-Man which proved to be spectacularly successful only, of course, she did not tell me that this was her plan and … Continue reading

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Possession #midnighthaiku

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