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Guest author – Robbie Cheadle: Two nursery rhymes with an interesting history

 Aiken Drum When my son Gregory was a small lad, we had a CD for the car which included a folk song/nursery rhyme called Aiken Drum. I had never heard this nursery rhyme before but we both enjoyed it a … Continue reading

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#writephoto enigma: Culleen and the Standing Stones

Synopsis: Culleen Callawe’en left north where all but she possessed personal magic, to quest for her own. With companions Vesta, wolf-dog, and Kuth, raven, she traversed the abandoned lands of the middle. Eastern gate, guised as escarpment, provided passable through … Continue reading

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Don’t panic, don’t panic!!!

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
Lance Corporal Jones (not panicking) Last week it was a week away. Seemed like a lifetime. Suddenly, before you can say “They don’t like it up ’em!” we’re overrun by the imminent arrival of the…

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Field of Sheaves V… Stuart France

* ‘No… They burned the keepers…the practitioners…they were too old to flee with the rest.’ ‘The lore perished?’ ‘There was a young one…also a keeper’ ‘This is before the Romans right?’ ‘Oh way… way… way before…’ ‘How did they generate … Continue reading

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Illusions #midnighthaiku

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