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Dark Fantasy…

  * First a formless mass of light, then the firmament of stars, then sun and moon, then sea and land, then reptiles, and birds, then beasts, and man, and then, contemplation… * If the ‘candlestick vision’ which opens the … Continue reading

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Bardic Study – Waltz of the New Moon…

* Another one of Robin’s early efforts. When invoking the  Bardic Spirit there are not too many candidates around, unfortunately… For a spell, this was my all-time favourite song ever, if only for its helter-skelter whirl of minor-key madness… * … Continue reading

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Bardic Study – The Iron Stone…

* Another early song from Robin Williamson. Not too much to interpret, perhaps, in this offering. Just a straight forward description of the finding of a stone, which we are bound to assume is the account of a true story. … Continue reading

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Mad Aunt: A Fairy Tale…

* ‘Faggot – n. a bundle of fire sticks’ OED * A Song for Two Voices * M: It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me, won’t see another one And then he … Continue reading

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Ritu sings again :)

Ritu recorded another of the ‘Songs for the seasonally challenged’… head on over to listen and leave your comments for Ritu  😀 A couple of weeks back Sue Vincent rewrote the lyrics to We Three Kings in her own festive … Continue reading

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#writephoto regulars ~ Ritu Raps

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. The first one to do so is Ritu Bhathal, from But I Smile Anyway. Without those of you who write and read the pieces … Continue reading

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It has been a busy few weeks, and in some ways, not the best in my personal history. It had begun with a very sick car just days before we were to go north. The last-minute repair really did go … Continue reading

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Music that means something – Day 5 – Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell wasn’t at Woodstock and neither was I. She missed it because of a TV appearance, I missed it by being born about a decade too late and on the wrong continent. But I remember vividly watching it on … Continue reading

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Music that means something – Day 4 – Kate Bush

I never liked Wuthering Heights. To be fair, the prejudice might be because I never really cared for the book either, though that might be considered sacrilege in some quarters.  Especially for a Yorkshire woman. But Kate Bush herself was … Continue reading

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Music that means something – Day 3 – Led Zeppelin

Yes, I know. It is the rock song that everyone loves to hate apparently. It is almost as if it is so popular no-one wants to admit to liking it any more. I love it…I always did and these days, … Continue reading

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