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7 Things I Learned about Email List Building

Originally posted on The PBS Blog:
I’ve learned so far that there’s a lot more to building an email list than getting people signed up. I’ve had an email list for years but I feel that only now am I…

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Gold by Robbie Cheadle #write photo

Continuously leaking grey cloud, result in a dash for the plane, The flow of water relentless, Showing no signs of refrain.   Luggage stowed and seated, My dampness obscures my pleasure, Although the sight and smell of rain, Are welcome; like … Continue reading

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Guest author: G. Michael Vasey – Ghosts of the Living and Being in Two Places at Once

A recent call with my mother resulted in my latest book. Knowing my interests, my mother surprised me by telling me how on three separate occasions, she had seen her sister. The first time, she was in the kitchen and … Continue reading

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Scratchy Records…

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
? When the war is over will we go down to the water, again? Was it like this, for Rene and Georgette Magritte Did they walk in the park by the lake and smile…

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Walk on by Bernadette #writephoto

WALK ON One last sweet trip to the lakehouse before she became too sick to travel.  The illness had ravaged her body.  At times she had been unable to put one foot in front of the other as she accepted … Continue reading

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    A thousand honeyed diamonds Dress her in beauty. A gown of light sings Upon the goddess’ breast. Spring whispers to the moon Of summer petals; I dream of roses Beneath a shining sky Loving life.    

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Gone Sun Gone by Robert Clay #writephoto

The sun moves me. It grooves me. Then leaves me. Continue reading here

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Living dead

“I might as well be dead.” As the opening gambit to a conversation between mother and son, it was, I admit, guaranteed to get my attention. He didn’t sound particularly cheerless. In fact, if anything, he sounded quite excited by … Continue reading

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Rooted #midnighthaiku

Life deeply rooted Reaching for heaven’s embrace Wears a crown of light

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