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Horizon by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

From the edges Rajesh watches on helplessly as the turbulent sea births wave upon monstrous wave of high frothy waters which then angrily swim towards the rocky weed filled edges only to crash and die untimely deaths. He throws the … Continue reading

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Guest blogger – Aayush – Flaunt It

One of my friends at the gym had given me a wristband for my birthday. On the band, it was written ‘Dream It- Achieve It- Flaunt It’. Personally, I’ve never shied from showing off. I’ve heard people tell me ‘Hey, … Continue reading

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Horizon by Ritu #writephoto

Dear You, Sitting here, watching the sun slowly set, I feel a sense of peace finally come over me. It’s been tough these last few weeks. I wasn’t able to get away from anyone. I know they were being considerate, … Continue reading

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Beyond the boats of reason beached by Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Steve Tanham: Beyond the boats of reason beached We walked – the lady, the dog and I And darker day came after darker night As air of truth died on the breeze And chaos of nightmare dawned. Continue … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Dead by Sangbad #writephoto

The weak light of sun penciled on the beach in burnt orange Softly the waves splash on the beach drawing abstract patterns Most of the birds were being to their shelter; few left were on the way The rain had stopped; … Continue reading

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Digital bunny

I shut my fingers in the door And I can’t use them any more They will not bend, They will not press, They’re little use to help me dress, They can’t do buttons, keys or rings… In fact, they can’t … Continue reading

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Under the weather

It is spring and here, that can mean anything. For many it means being ‘under the weather’ with colds, viruses and the other miseries that attend the change of season. Yesterday was as warm as a summer’s day… the day … Continue reading

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